Brawl Stars World Finals 2019 - Quarterfinals Highlights

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Brawl Stars

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Fast-paced multiplayer battles from the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.

Battle with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of powerful Brawlers with punishing super abilities. Collect unique skins to stand out and show off in the arena. Join or start a band to share tactics and fight together.

- Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
- Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner takes all!
- Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but don’t let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
- Heist (3v3): Protect your team’s safe and try to crack open your opponents’. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
- Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
- Special Events: Defend your safe against an unrelenting swarm of robots in Robo Rumble (PvE), or take on the big boss in Boss Fight.

Are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings to Help and Support.

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AFFROBO Prije mjesec
The least viewed brawl star vid
EM pokè stex
EM pokè stex Prije mjesec
I was also curious to see which video was the least seen🤣
A111 BS
A111 BS Prije mjesec
Břűņix 2.0
Břűņix 2.0 Prije mjesec
El video con menos vistas del canal xd
cartobal100 :c
cartobal100 :c Prije mjesec
Bruh only 440 comments for a brawl stars vid like wth
Zax Tø Erg
Zax Tø Erg Prije 3 mjeseci
Dvirelo giming braoler
Kevin H
Kevin H Prije 3 mjeseci
GuilleVGX les gana :v
Ana Kordic
Ana Kordic Prije 3 mjeseci
Molim vas stavite brawlera skita
PKORNI-Brawl Stars
PKORNI-Brawl Stars Prije 3 mjeseci
Thats brawl stars least viewed video Underrated
russia ball
russia ball Prije 3 mjeseci
Yea thats true
블루킴TV Prije 3 mjeseci
Siren Head adamdır Slenderman ve Momo yalandır
Siren Head adamdır Slenderman ve Momo yalandır Prije 3 mjeseci
0:03 Summer of Monsters
Marjorie Fernandez
Marjorie Fernandez Prije 3 mjeseci
COLBY XU Prije 4 mjeseci
This is the least viewed video on the Brawl Stars channel.
PHOENIX3148 Prije 4 mjeseci
Ilie Echim-gaming
Ilie Echim-gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
Flareon Prije 5 mjeseci
Ваааау у брала нет 1000 коммов
Murilo e Bernardo Lutteebach
Murilo e Bernardo Lutteebach Prije 5 mjeseci
Y love you
Zehra Nur Yavuz
Zehra Nur Yavuz Prije 6 mjeseci
abi bu turnuva Türkiye'de olacaksa ben girerim yani ne olacak ki ben ben bir de Türkiye'de olsa buton rozet turnuvası ben acayip oynarım çok güzel ne diyeceğimi bilemiyorum heyecandan İnşallah Türkiye'ye gelir buradan sesleniyorum brawl stars yapımcılarına çok güzel karakter getiriyorsunuz falan filan işte kupa yollarını biraz yapmış olabilirsiniz siz biliyorsunuz ne olur Türkiye getirin ben efsanevi oynuyorum 28 karakterim var ve sizi bekliyorum sizin içinizden geçeceğim fotoğrafı yapacağım sizi soğuk
den jel
den jel Prije 7 mjeseci
До ШиК
До ШиК Prije 7 mjeseci
Игра супер!
Veneptium Prije 8 mjeseci
Abdullah KARABULUT Prije 8 mjeseci
Brawl stars 💕
Olku Prije 8 mjeseci
Alex747 Prije 8 mjeseci
Team Yde > Team PSG
Pedroca 10Games
Pedroca 10Games Prije 9 mjeseci
Novo brawler acar era u menino que queria ser jogador de futbol so que sequestraram ele e fizeram uma mutacao co ele e ele virou montro marinho e levou to mundo que fez sofrer a prisao eterna e ele fez o teste da arena braw stars . Poder de estrela ficar pequeno e so que ele crece ele vai qrecendo ate ficar do tamanho normal podr de estrela ficar rapido .A taque jogar a bola longe e voltar para ele dano 900de dano . Super ficar com armadura de peixe
Antek Sob
Antek Sob Prije 9 mjeseci
No I'm is maka paka
Antek Sob
Antek Sob Prije 9 mjeseci
I'm is plis they piper My 777 natka777
Calebe Pinheiro
Calebe Pinheiro Prije 9 mjeseci
Surpercell da pra muda o blaw stars para sem internet
Agnieszka Korpys
Agnieszka Korpys Prije 10 mjeseci
Agnieszka 😍🤩
Пумба Тимонов
Пумба Тимонов Prije 10 mjeseci
AcTM Sunny Cats
AcTM Sunny Cats Prije 9 mjeseci
Пумба Тимонов
1k Subscribers With No Videos
1k Subscribers With No Videos Prije 10 mjeseci
Where is lukie bear
Coach Mike
Coach Mike Prije 10 mjeseci
Supercell pls fix this error: My friends acount have been demaged and the game do not open for him
ASHWIN Prije 10 mjeseci
Pls give me legendary brawler
꧁ʟɪʟ ᴍᴜғғɪɴ꧂
꧁ʟɪʟ ᴍᴜғғɪɴ꧂ Prije 10 mjeseci
Why supercell why did you do champions event only have 3 chances ? I lost 3 times u wanna cal you noob
AKIMBO Prije 11 mjeseci
Gabriel Victor
Gabriel Victor Prije 11 mjeseci
jo games
jo games Prije 11 mjeseci
ReKus Prije 11 mjeseci
Hello supercell Can you unbanned me im brawl stars? Nick ツ∆DaN0neK∆ツ Id #R92Q00V
Selitskij Pavel
Selitskij Pavel Prije 11 mjeseci
Лайк с русского
Selitskij Pavel
Selitskij Pavel Prije 11 mjeseci
Yago Ferdinando
Yago Ferdinando Prije 11 mjeseci
Primeiramente bom dia, boa tarde ou boa noite para que está lendo essa mensagem, a supercell vem manipulando o jogo, o jogo não passa de uma mentira, só oferece apoio aos pay to win pois a supercell diz que é neutra e igual com todos os jogadores mas não passa de uma mentira, tanto de prova que eles lançam o jogo para ios e depois lançam na versão Android já isso conta muito com a desvantagem, a supercell engana, iludi, e faz fazer você perder seu tempo não baixem esse jogo!
Maxim Bit
Maxim Bit Prije 11 mjeseci
Я хочууу Legendary !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spike
Quantum _Yt
Quantum _Yt Prije 11 mjeseci
Ima be in one of the world cups one day
Alisson Rafael
Alisson Rafael Prije 11 mjeseci
O que é o pessoal que fica anotando atras dos jogadores com um prancheta?
БЛуйМакс Prije 11 mjeseci
Pleace may legendery New uppdate
Joshua Fernando Elizondo:v
Joshua Fernando Elizondo:v Prije 11 mjeseci
Vanessinha Victor Victor
Vanessinha Victor Victor Prije godine
Essa supersell ñ mim da uma lendário
Mohammad Nassif
Mohammad Nassif Prije godine
Really enough to. What is this wrap. Without the hero of the game, there is always a hero of a hero, which is Mortis. People play in Ballw brain because of the filling of the rest of the styles, although all of her weak and branch of the ball. The Buff Mortis or I will leave the game. I have seen mates because of a lot of putting it with my teams, a walnut player between 30 players.
Godlessanarchist Prije godine
Is there a system to implemented to report cheaters? Constantly in solo showdown I’ll have 5 or 6 power cubes going against two other players and they will team and kill me every time? Should I start cheating and teaming? How do I report cheaters or I will join them since that’s the only way to guarantee a top two instead of getting third every game
Godlessanarchist Prije godine
I literally can watch in replay the myself and the last two guys spinning and standing next to each other to tag team and kill me. I’m trying to find a way to report them and get them banmed
garven Prije godine
Если вам не сложно, то пожалуйста подпишитесь на мой канал. (Я пиарюсь в комментах потому что начинающим ютуберам очень сложно набирать аудиторию)
Віталік Prije godine
Дорогі розробники! Прошу вас додати українську мову у Bralw Stars.Pleas.
ShadowKolsn Prije godine
Хочу быть как вы
Juliana Guimaraes
Juliana Guimaraes Prije godine
I want Leon nick:leon
Mohammad Nassif
Mohammad Nassif Prije godine
Treat the server in Syria😡😠
Vastick The hedgehog
Vastick The hedgehog Prije godine
Cool video
Kauan Sousa
Kauan Sousa Prije godine
Supercell me dá o crow não aguento mais!!!😭😭
felixos 123
felixos 123 Prije godine
יובל שטרן
יובל שטרן Prije godine
איילים גולנים
Rawan brawl stars
Rawan brawl stars Prije godine
Nerf shelly
배상휘 Prije godine
Hello, I'm a member of the Brols Gaming. I'd like a Christmas dumpling skin. Please release it. And the friendly defense chief's udang-tang. It doesn't apply when you press a mud-slinging duo. I'd like to make corrections. -SlGame user-
Josh W
Josh W Prije godine
Lmao what a bunch of low lifes.
Kirsten Seip
Kirsten Seip Prije godine kommt in den club
SharpsW -
SharpsW - Prije godine
I lve youuuu
el dorado
el dorado Prije godine
I have new update
Rajib Sharma
Rajib Sharma Prije godine
Brawlstar game means dislike ....
danius Prije godine
Удаляйте человечество. Лучше уже не будет.
Mohammad Nassif
Mohammad Nassif Prije godine
Please what nonsense. Why is the server in Syria so slow and does not improve even if I contact European servers. Why this tyranny
Dixon B. Tweenerlegs
Dixon B. Tweenerlegs Prije godine
if only I had a team, I’m the best brawl stars player on the planet.
Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude Prije godine
Your trash
danieka Campos
danieka Campos Prije godine
Ban bull every body that's bull kills me Ihate it so please ban bull
Alex GAMES Prije godine
ARTHUR BR GØD Prije godine
Aumenta a chance de vim lendário
Deividas Pabrica
Deividas Pabrica Prije godine
When there will be another brawl talk
ДЕД Prije godine
Like кто Русский 👍 Помогите с подписчиками пожалуйста
32bity32 Prije godine
Не я
tortick 0
tortick 0 Prije godine
GEMER FENIX tir legendary brawler the not baned
tortick 0
tortick 0 Prije godine
Wat a fake
Brawl Wolves
Brawl Wolves Prije godine
Join my clan in BrawlStars : VikingWolves
Ghost Voron
Ghost Voron Prije godine
Тифон Prije godine
Где Джимми ?
Riandro Pit bull
Riandro Pit bull Prije godine
brawl stars tiah brawler no
Kris_the_killer Prije godine
Giampaolo Ragno
Giampaolo Ragno Prije godine
Fresh Uninstall. Maybe I'll play again in the future if matchmaking makes sense. At the moment it is crap. P.S.19k
Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude Prije godine
Giampaolo Ragno ikr The matchmaking is seriously crap they don’t even care
Blight_ aimbot
Blight_ aimbot Prije godine
I want a thanks giving update
rossmary fernanda mota acevedo
rossmary fernanda mota acevedo Prije godine
Brawl talk Brawl talk Brawl talk Brawl talk Brawl talk Brawl talk
BXXPlayz Prije godine
Nearly so good like in Munich ice tournament
Lfilipe Gamer
Lfilipe Gamer Prije godine
New skin of spike for star ponts please for 1000 star pontes
Luis Enrique figueroa González
Luis Enrique figueroa González Prije godine
0:26 Dad in 2019 ... dislike
Random Person
Random Person Prije godine
hold up...
cedan chen
cedan chen Prije godine
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda Prije godine
Eiso e um jogo deduete 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Свэта Барон
Свэта Барон Prije godine
Я 362
robi yt o
robi yt o Prije godine
Pls novembre update
Thunder_ Artem
Thunder_ Artem Prije godine
Frank, can you tell me what the new bravler for the 2020 update year will be called?
Arniie樱桃胶 Prije godine
For this highlights this must have been so Boring omg
lonxly_ stxr
lonxly_ stxr Prije godine
New character?
Hanfe - Brawl Stars
Hanfe - Brawl Stars Prije godine
Hyper Stars
Hyper Stars Prije godine
My Channel 12,600 Cup Brawl Star Account! Raffle!
Kamui寂しい Prije godine
Supercell,please do phoenix crow in shop🙏
Xelto Suit
Xelto Suit Prije godine
You disqualified the best team because you all knew that they were going to win I'm talking about qlash It was unfair what you did to them
Davinchi Gerber
Davinchi Gerber Prije godine
Hehe i want to participante im pro
Lexanbro 12
Lexanbro 12 Prije godine
Musik pls
Hubert Wrobel
Hubert Wrobel Prije godine
Idea wideo
Uğur Ceylan
Uğur Ceylan Prije godine
leon buff eatin
SlamaWolf Prije godine
My theory is that game leader Frank actually voiced in-game Frank
Crage Dominant
Crage Dominant Prije 3 mjeseci
swatsalt this is not a fucking spelling bee if you want to compete in it than find a way
swatsalt Prije 3 mjeseci
Thundepumper Games yeah at least I’m a smart one I can spell rlly good unlike u you gotta wait till us like what 7 to spell lol u suck
Crage Dominant
Crage Dominant Prije 3 mjeseci
swatsalt fuck u 2 year old
swatsalt Prije 3 mjeseci
Thundepumper Games me
swatsalt Prije 3 mjeseci
Serdar Karakoç nah fuck u
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